20 unmissable hi-tech gadgets

It is not necessary to spend important amounts to give yourself a technological trinket or an accessory to make a device that we already own more functional or effective. Some useful tips to get a cuddle or a small gift that will be appreciated. There’s something for everyone, and they all cost less than 20 euros.

Fitness on the wrist

Compatible with Adroid 4.4 or higher, this fitness band is suitable for those starting to try their hand at the tracker world. It detects the heartbeat, the sleep cycles and the step count is quite reliable. MiBand is IP67 certified, which is resistant to dust and water (up to 1 meter deep). The 45mAh battery has been improved, the weight is 13 grams.

Bluetooth Headsets

Compatible with the most popular mobile devices, Bluetooth headsets (version 4.1) are comfortable especially for those who do sports but adapt to everyone’s needs. They are equipped with a microphone and can therefore replace the supplied data earphones from smartphone and tablet manufacturers, have a range of about 4.5 hours of use or 170 hours of standby time.

The USB cable for Apple 3 meters long

Suitable only for iOS devices and three meters long, it is a valid alternative to the data cables supplied by Apple, certainly of good quality but shorter. Guaranteed for 18 months, the cable is in double nylon fiber and is available in different colors.

Solar lamp that lights up when you arrive

Suitable for both interior and exterior, the Mpow wireless solar lamp has a sensor that allows three different lighting modes. Equipped with 8 LED bulbs, a 1200mAh battery and a movement sensor that covers a radius of about 8 meters, it is certified as waterproof. More than enough to illuminate the door when you get home or a terrace.

USB cup warmer

Who has not prepared to prepare a hot drink, sip a little ‘and then forget it until it is cool? The solution is there and costs a handful of euros. A nice USB gadget that keeps the temperature of cups and glasses, suitable for careless people and those who like to take all the time they want, when drinking a tea.

The Bluetooth speaker that works even in the shower

Designed to follow us everywhere, especially if “everywhere” is in the shower. Equipped with suction cups and resistant to water, it is a Bluetooth accessory (V3.0), therefore compatible with all operating systems and with all types of devices. The small size (8.5 x 5.5 cm) make it a practical and discreet object that works continuously for six hours, before having to be recharged. Cool and bright colors to find a place in any environment.

Mini drone

This drone is considered a toy, even if it is not particularly suitable for children under 10 years. It should be used strictly outdoors and has the merit of being a means to make the youngsters passionate about remote-guided aircraft. Pocket (in the true sense of the word), has a flight range of about 5 minutes. Delicious, even in price.

Wall charger

One for all and all for one. This object allows you to load up to 4 devices at the same time. Each of the USB ports can supply up to 2.4 amps, for a maximum total of 8 amps. Practical object that replaces the cables of our devices and that, thanks to the small size, makes it more difficult to live the nightmare of the exhausted battery.

Desk toaster

A nice object suitable for chronic disordered people. In this small toaster you can house your smartphone, blocks of stickers, staples and anything else you decide to put. On one side there is also a pencil sharpener. Nice, cheap and practical.

Gloves for touch screens

Winter and displays do not get along, because using mobile devices when wearing gloves is difficult. With iGlove you can avoid the problem, keeping your hands warm. Available only in one color and one size, they adapt to each touchscreen.

Remote control for presentations

Remote control can be used with both personal computers and home entertainment systems is equipped with 26 keys to cover all needs. The accuracy of the cursor is guaranteed up to a distance of 10 meters. Tool suitable especially for those who usually do multimedia presentations.


Cleaning touch screen displays is a difficult task if you do not use suitable fluids and cloths. Rubs rubs, there is always some halo here and there. With this kit the problem is solved and, as we read on the website of one of the sellers, “every last generation digital device returns to its original splendor”.

Remote control for cameras

Manufactured by Canon, it is compatible with all EOS cameras with E3 socket. The control button can also manage long exposure times and continuous shooting. The cable is 60 cm long and the remote control, completely made of plastic, is a good tool to avoid camera shake.

Microscope for smartphone

An 8-magnification microscope with a focal lens for a mobile device. Dimensions of 7x3x3 cm for a nice accessory that lends itself more to recreational use than to the professional one, but that can be comfortable in more than one occasion. Focus distance 3 meters and field angle of 240 °.

Wireless doorbell

Particularly suitable for offices and shops, simply place the button outside the door and insert the receiver into a power outlet. It has a certified range of 100 meters, 36 different sounds and three volume levels.

Support for smartphones in cars

Have your smartphone handy when you drive, without distractions. This support has a double advantage: it is pleasant to the eye and has an accessible cost. Available in green and black it fits all smartphones.

USB pendrive

Lots of data in a small, small space. This USB flash drive has a capacity of 64 Gb and uses USB 3.0 technology, with a real transmission speed of 3.2 Gbps (400 megabytes per second). A curiosity: next year this standard will turn 10, those who think it’s a novelty are making a mistake.

Laptop cooling fan

Laptops may need one hand during the hottest times of the year. It is not uncommon for them to go out just as we are using them. To remedy this boring problem, you can resort to a fan that cools the processor put to the test by overheating. It connects to the computer via USB cable and the support can be tilted, allowing it to work in a more practical and comfortable way.

Always With You

Designed for those who play sports or need to move with maximum freedom, this bracelet (literally “armband”) is suitable for Apple and Samsung devices, even in their latest versions.

A light for every environment

Cheerful mood? You can underline it with the color of the light that best suits your mood. These light bulbs support 16 colors and 4 shades, to create an atmosphere immediately depending on the occasion. The control is assured by an infrared remote control