6 Natural Remedies Against Fever

Do not worry, fever is a good sign. This shows that your body is still able to react against microbial aggression.

But we can give him some help and help our natural immune defenses to bring the body temperature back up to about 37 degrees.

1. Food herbal teas

For my part, I am a fan of herbal teas of all kinds.

When I’m feverish, I dieters until improvement (less than a day, rest assured) and I drink only herbal teas or pineapple juice (organic) throughout the day, excellent against fever.

Here are my little tips:

a) 6 mint leaves and a small piece of ginger with boiling water

b) The juice of a lemon, a spoonful of pure honey and boiling water (the same herbal tea recommended for colds)

c) An infusion of linden . And after, hop to bed. My body is hot and I will make him push fever by sneaking under the duvet.

How it works ?

You should drink these herbal teas as warm as possible to promote sweating and allow faster elimination of toxins.

Lemon has a sudorific action.

A good sweat? It’s a good sign, your fever will go down!

2. The magic socks

Just before going to lie warm under the duvet, taking care to have already warm feet (thanks to a good hot foot bath or hot water bottle), I put on my anti-fever socks.

It also works very well for our children’s fever.

I soak a pair of socks in cool water. Adding 1 glass of cider vinegar to this water is even more effective.

I try my socks and put them on. And here I put on a second pair of thick, dry woolen socks this time on top (or a dry towel).

And hop to bed! And I start again as soon as my socks have become warm after 15 to 30 min. Attention girls, if you have your period, we avoid this care!

3. Reflexology

If anyone can help you, the anti-fever reflexology points are placed at the ends of our thumbs and toes.

Pressures on the thumbs or toes and upper foot generally should help you heal.

4. Poultices And then as soon as I have a fever

I make a poultice of cold clay on the lower belly that I renew as often as possible until healing. Just mix fine powdered clay with a little water

5. Take a bath

I also give myself a bath of 15 to 30 min max at the end of the day by adding a mixture of 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil (radiata) mixed with olive oil or neutral liquid soap

. I start my warm bath (about 35 °).

I then raise the temperature up to 40-42 °. And again as soon as I get out of the bath, I dry quickly and I sneak under the duvet to sweat one last time before dark.

Attention, this treatment is not recommended for children.

6. The bonus trick

For children, it’s the opposite. On our Facebook page , Nathalie gives us her mother reflex. She makes a bath of 1 ° below the temperature of the child, and soak and bubble his angel until the water reaches 35 °.

A panties, a T-shirt and once in bed, small caresses from head to foot “to take off the fire”. You can save water by doing the same thing just on your legs and feet with the shower head by raising the temperature of the water from warm to hot

ATTENTION, if with this care, your fever lasts more than 2 days, it is perhaps not only a fever, consult a doctor!