There are few video games to generate a craze almost worldwide. Since its announcement last June, Dragon Ball FighterZ has entered the hearts of fans of the famous saga, who were hoping to try one day a fight that transcends Akira’s work. Toriyama. Available today on consoles and PC, the title will not disappoint, as it transposes on the screen all the fury and energy fighting led by Son Goku and his clique. Out of a total of 24 fighters, three must be selected to form a team and engage in wild games, with the possibility of changing warriors at any time. If we regret an anecdotal story mode and a relatively identical gameplay for each protagonist, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a stunning visual beauty and an indispensable game for any fan of the manga.


After traveling from Egypt from the Pharaohs to the United Kingdom from the Victorian era, to France in the grip of the Revolution, the saga Assassin’s Creed sets its bags in ancient Greece. The new opus of the series, subtitled Odyssey, projects us today in a Homeric adventure, worthy of the tragedies that animated the culture of the time. It will be necessary to weave the fate of Alexios or Kassandra, in the midst of the Peloponnesian War (431 BC), which tore apart Athens and Sparta. These heirs of Leonidas, the famous Spartan commander, have a key role to play in this conflict, and their superhuman abilities will not be too much to survive.

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With an impressive visual beauty, this Assassin’s Creed transports us from the Acropolis of Athens to the beautiful Cycladic islands. As with the Egyptian episode Origins, released last year, a special effort was made to reconstruct the way of life in ancient times. And it is not uncommon to come across some figures that have contributed to the influence of Greece through the centuries, including Socrates, Pericles or Hippocrates. Above all, this work invites you to explore with the possibility of indulging in a multitude of missions and traveling with your own ship on the Aegean Sea, all enhanced with fighting pus. Odyssey also benefits from a multiple choice scenario, a first for the saga, which implies that any decision has consequences on the fate of the hero. All of which raise this new title to the rank of best episode of the franchise. And we bow willingly in respect to the work of titan led by the 400 employees of Ubisoft Quebec, who deserve to sit atop the Olympus.