Online Marketing: 10 Trends That Will Mark 2019

Platform specialized in social data intelligence , Talwalker has just delivered its analysis of trends that will shape 2019 on the web and social networks. Surrounded by dozens of social web experts – including Emmanuelle Leneuf, the founder of Flash Tweet, blogger HervĂ© Monier, or Jonathan Chan, Iprospect digital project manager – Talkwalker points out ten topics to watch closely.

A detailed overview of new tools that will, according to the study, disrupt marketing and brand communication. The artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the chatbot , embodying the hyper personification , and have new friends …. At the voice search – which should represent 50% of internet users by 2020 – will be added the emerging trend of “shoppable media “. The term refers to “the possibilities offered by more and more platforms for a richer type of content that gives consumers the option to buy the product directly,” says Talkwalker, who sees a revolution, especially in the luxury sector.

Video and fake news

Forgotten the “bad buzz”? Not quite. The worst nightmare of companies is now called ” fake news “, or publicity fraud. “You spend a lot of money to protect and develop your brand image, but all this work can be destroyed in a few hours by a single publication that makes the buzz on the social web in connection with your products, your services or even your management teams, “says Talkwalker.

2019 is also the announced death of organic reach on social networks, as well as the return of real time marketing , a communication of the moment, whether automated or not. To follow also, the video . Nothing new ? “Video is undoubtedly a trend we’re talking about every year, but many brands are not yet able to exploit the potential.” Facebook will also move the lines, opening Facebook Watch, reserved so far to some content creators, to all people and all pages, with the ambition to compete with Netflix and Youtube.

Particularly sought after in the tourism sector , influencers could again mark 2018. Founder of the Social Media Agency, Cyril Attias anticipates several developments in this sector: “Advertisers will have to choose powerful influencers and affinity, leaving the field. Media logic: brand-influencer matching platforms are going to run out. “

Conversely, other companies will focus more on a strategy of marketing advocacy , mobilizing their customers and especially their employees to talk about them and their products, analysis on his side Fabrice Frossard, founder of Faber Content . Last trend identified for 2018, finally: always more social selling , especially in BtoB mode.