Top 6 Smart Alarm Systems For Your Home

Honeywell Lynx 7000, the top of smart alarms

The Honeywell Lynx 7000 intelligent alarm is what is currently the best on the Quebec market, since you have the ability to control everything from a distance. Applicable to homes or business premises, this alarm can manage locally or globally all of your devices, whether they are water valves, your thermostats or lighting.

With its high-resolution 7-inch touch screen, the alarm also includes 4 cameras. It also has the LPA (Advanced Protection Logic), as well as a unique setting of “silent output” to sleep on both ears.

Honeywell Lynx 5200, the color version

Just behind its latest model, Honeywell 5200 is another benchmark for intelligent alarms: Wifi installation for convenience, Z-WAVE technology for easy use (thermostat, lighting, lock) and viewing video images on demand it’s a real gem.

With a 4.7 inch touchscreen, you can use the voice command, ideal for making a remote request, or connect from your mobile phone. Set your locks, shutters, home automation system and even your faucets with this state-of-the-art intelligent alarm!

Qolsys IQ Panel, with radio communication

This is a reference for all-in-one alarms. It also includes 6 modes of communication (including the one by radio), which is facilitating in case of power failure. Some functions can be used remotely, such as unlocking the doors.

The alarm is connected to your smartphone, to optimize the features. One downside: it must be an Android operating system. Alarm functions are available on locks, CCTV, thermostat, lighting, doorbell, home appliances, garage.

Simon XT Interlogix, practical and effective

For an intelligent alarm, the Simon XT Interlogix is ​​an excellent choice. Equipped with Z-WAVE technology, this alarm gives you written or voice messages to tell you the current state of your home. It also has an “emergency” function, “notifications”, and is compatible with external sensors (light or movements), for greater safety.

With 40 wireless zones, you are sure to cover the entire house and outside. The little extra: a backlit case, for use in all circumstances.

Legrand Z-Wave, a permanent service

This is not just a smart alarm, but a whole home automation device to monitor your home, and keep you informed in real time. Its Z-WAVE technology allows you to have control over your locks, your lighting, your thermostat, your water valves, the angle of your cameras.

The little extra: an alarm connected to an application totally dedicated to your security. The slightest alert is notified to you, and you can act remotely. It’s the ultimate!

Impassa of DSC, classic but efficient

If you’re looking for a good value for money, you’ve found it: the DSC Impassa alarm model is a product that combines security with wireless technology. The latter makes it possible to have videos of remote surveillance, because of the numerous detectors.

The little extra: a touch of medical emergency, alerting the nearest service to a worrying situation. A “Fire” function also, which can warn potential inhabitants of a fire.